Friday, April 24, 2009

Update in Brief

Dear Good Shepherd,

There won't be an update this morning because I'm supposed to be enjoying my last day off even though--since I'm sermon-writing today--my week off is really pretty much over. But I do need to pass on some bits of information.

1. There will be a cleaning day tomorrow (Saturday) at the church beginning at 11am. I have pre-marital counseling to do so I can't be there but there will be a lot of people pitching in and I'll be there when I can

2. There will be Women's Bible Study tomorrow morning at 10am. And all the bible studies will return next week.

3. The Systematic Theology class will begin on Saturday May 9th...I'll be passing out the first reading assignment this coming Sunday. If you've emailed me or called or spoken with me to let me know you want to be a part of the class, I've got you on my list and you should be getting more information very soon.

4. It is so important now that it looks like God is going to set us down in our current location to begin the work of reaching out to the neighborhood. On June 13th, we're planning a neighborhood party...its going to be a pretty big deal so lets start gearing up for it. You should find sign up sheets in the parish hall sometime in the next few weeks. This is intended to be one of the first big steps in building relationships here.

5. The "St. Andrew's Catholic Church" signs have been taken down from the front of this building...signage is a concern, I know. Our present buildings are a lot more difficult to figure out how and where to place "Good Shepherd" signs than our last one...but we'll figure it out.

6. If you have any Easter photos please send them along to my email and I'll try to get them posted up on the website.

7. This Sunday I'll continue the sermon series on the Resurrection appearances. Here are the first two sermons

8. Finally, during Christian education on Sunday we'll start thinking through the various models of Christian cultural engagement and the ways they have been applied in the contemporary church.

Okay, that's all, back to sermonizing.

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