Monday, April 20, 2009

Colbert and the Elephant

Here's that clip from the Colbert Report I mentioned in my sermon it all the way through--the end is the best part. Keep in mind that Colbert's not serious about a good 99.9% of what he says. But, being a devout Catholic, he does manage to get in some great points while not losing the "act".
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Bart Ehrman
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They were talking specifically about the Crucifixion accounts...but Erhman's book deals with the resurrection accounts too. The same principle holds: There are differences and paradoxes but no contradictions in the bible. The elephant parable was brilliant.

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Anonymous said...

Ehrmans is disingenuous at his very core. He holds himself out as a Christian theologian but in no way does he hold to Christian beliefs. He writes for the popular audience--hence Colbert (who may well have shown Ehrmans up!)--but claims to have the backing of "all good contemporary theologians."

Joan O
Vancouver WA