Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Notes

Dear Good Shepherd,

It's tough to find a spare moment this week, so this will have to be short, but I think most everyone already knows what's happening the rest of this week and this weekend at Good Shepherd.

Maundy Thursday dinner and worship: Tonight at 5:30pm is the Maundy Thursday dinner (pot luck) followed by the service at 7pm which will include communion and the stripping of the altars.

Men's Bible Study and Breakfast: Tomorrow morning at 6:30am--Don Dean is scheduled to cook.

Good Friday: The liturgy of the Hours...Darkness overshadowed Jerusalem from noon to 3pm as Jesus hung on the cross until his death. This was not an eclipse because the Passover always occurs during a full moon. It was a supernatural darkness signifying the "Day of the Lord". God had come to save his people and deal, finally, with his enemies, sin, Satan, and death. There is a special liturgy called "The Hours" beginning at noon to remember the three hours Jesus endured the divine punishment our sins deserved.

Good Friday Stations of the Cross: The stations of the cross--a symbolic participation in Jesus' walk carrying his cross from the Pretorium where he was sentenced to Golgotha where he died. There will be a talk at 7pm and then the stations will begin.

Women's Bible Study: There will be no women's bible study on Saturday

Acolyte/LEM/Reader practice: If you are scheduled to participate in the Great Vigil of Easter please try be there for the final practice beginning at 6pm. We'll provide dinner. For the acolytes this practice is really a must, for readers and LEM's...we'd love it if you could make it.

Great Vigil of Easter: Starts at 8:00pm You can read the description here.

And then, of course, comes Easter Sunday. The services will be at the usual times and there will be Christian education. We'll be talking about the evidence for the Resurrection and its importance in establishing the truth of the Christian faith.

Fuller descriptions of all the services can be found here

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