Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Notes

Dear Good Shepherd,

Happy Thursday....what a great Annual Meeting we had last Sunday. Anne is typing up the minutes and we'll send them up as soon as she's done. One thing I have already published is the preliminary vision for Good Shepherd's future that we discussed during the final part of the meeting.

The Notes are going to be rather brief today...there is a lot of work to be done at the moment. I am giving a talk tomorrow evening on the "nature of scripture" and its importance for the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at BU...and it's not quite done yet. In any case, here is a brief version of the Thursday Notes:

Shepherd's Bowl: The Conklin Avenue Baptist Church has volunteered to host the Shepherd's Bowl next week and for the week's after. We would still staff it but the Baptists want to be trained so they hope to join some of the teams to see how it is done. As we mentioned at the Annual meeting, the ultimate plan may include two Shepherd's Bowls, one serving the east of southside Binghamton and the other serving the west...but that is for the future. Now, it seems as though we mostly need a place that will allow our cooks and servers to have access to a kitchen and to leave items there. Conklin Avenue would allow us to do that. We'll be consulting this week to determine how to make this work. It may be that we move the Shepherd's Bowl as early as next week.

Thursday Beginners Bible Study: Because the Shepherd's Bowl has been in flux for the last few weeks, I think it best to put this bible study on haitus until the Shepherd's Bowl has been firmly established in at least a semi-permanent location. So, if you are in the Thursday night study, there will be no bible study tonight but stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear about the re-launch.

Men's Breakfast and Bible Study will meet tomorrow morning at 6:30am in the St. Andrew's Parish hall. Ken is cooking.

The Welcome Back International Feast: There are so many people signed up to cook so many different dishes from all over the world to welcome and honor returning BU students...we should probably all fast or something the day before to make room. I'm cooking Indian food...Anne is preparing a Malian dish of some sort and about 15 or 16 other regions will be represented. The feast will take place after the 10:30 service this Sunday. Hope you can make it. Bring an appetite.

The Women's Bible Study will meet in the Rectory this Saturday at the regular time: 10am.

Podcast Sermon: If you missed church on Sunday, here is the sermon, "Christian Freedom and the Law of Love..." recorded on Podcast.

Youth Update from Micah: Junior High Youth Group is meeting at a new time! For those who don't know it already, JH youth gorup will now be meeting on Sundays at 2-4. Senior High Youth group continues at its regularly scheduled time on Sundays, 6-8. During the annual meeting last Sunday, I promised to start writing tips to get the whole church connecting with the youth. For the first tip, I suggested making an effort to talk with the youth and get to know them, what's going on in their lives. Make sure that you actually listen when you talk to these kids. Here is...

Youth Tip #2...Be truthful with youth. Obviously this depends on the age of the kid and the particular situation, but all too often we treat the youth like they are unable to understand the world. While it's true that many kids don't understand some things, it's definitely true that they will never understand until somebody tells them the truth. I'm not saying we should scar children with things they don't know how to handle, but if they are old enough to handle the truth, we should not neglect to tell it to them.

Okay, I think that's all for now....stay tuned tomorrow for the Update

In Christ,

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