Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday Report

We had a very cold Ash Wednesday service this morning...41 degrees...a number of bravely repentant parishioners suffered through it all no doubt earning at least a few hundred years off of their purgatorial allotment.

I could barely preach (a tragedy I know) because my lips were so cold and I was having trouble forming my lips around the words.

Friendly Reminder:
If you do not know which breaker switches turn on or off which lights...please do not touch them. The reason it was so cold is because someone accidentally flipped the furnace breaker last night after the pancake supper.

In any case, thanks be to God that it happened on the night before Ash Wednesday. Otherwise we may not have caught it in time to save the pipes.

Tonight's service (7pm) should be much warmer. The sanctuary is now up to sixty and getting warmer.

Later today I'll be posting a lenten bible reading schedule, so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me at a church I was serving. I put a guard in place so it couldn't be accidently turned off. Also to warm the church up some people think if you turn the thermostat as high as it goes will speed up heating the church or any building

Anonymous said...


As a suggestion, mark the breaker's "toggle" (handle) that should always be on (furnace, organ, necessary lighting, etc) with bright red model paint or finger-nail polish.

As for the thermostats, Art - my dad used to put thermostats where they couldn't be found, and then let the others be out in the open where everyone could adjust to their heart's content... it was amazing to watch people go up, jiggle the unit, and then walk away smiling! (Psychology - you gotta love it!)

- Otto