Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some exterior photos of St. Andrew's

Front Door South side of the Church...facing the neighborhood

This view captures all three buildings on the property. The school is in the foreground to the right. The Rectory is across the parking lot on the far left and the north side of the sanctuary is visible to the right of the rectory.

The view from our front door walk...if you look across the parking lot you will see part of what used to be St. Andrew's school

This is a front view of the Rectory which faces north toward Conklin Avenue

This is taken from the sidewalk in front of the Rectory. You can see the south side of the church right behind the rectory.

This is a view of the northwest side of the school looking from the south standing in the parking lot.

A side view of the church taken from the parking lot

This is the door most people enter through

This is the front view of the church...the front door opens onto a neighborhood street. You can see Saratoga Apartments (low income housing) from the front porch of the church. Great opportunities for ministry.


Carol said...

Dear Matt and Anne,
This is so good to see! I searched online for a picture of the church two weeks ago and found an arial view. So good to see where things are happening. An encouragment to prayer.
Your witness is a real honor to the Lord.
In His love,
Carol Rogers Smith

R said...

HUZZAH!! Looks good. :)