Sunday, August 24, 2008

Today's sermon and class

Both this morning's sermon and Christian Education class are now available on the podcast site. Some parishioners less familiar with computers have asked for instructions for accessing the audio from the podsite. The easiest way to listen to a sermon or class is to follow one of the links below by moving your cursor over the highlighted text and left-clicking.

When you come to the next page scroll down until you find the desired sermon or class, move your cursor over the "play" button or the "download" button and left-click. If you choose "download", you will actually receive the audio file and you may then need to click on it in order to listen. But if you choose "play" it will be less complicated. You can listen right away. Let me know if you have any trouble. Here are the links:

Click here for this morning's sermon
Here is the description:
Jesus and the Canaanite Woman Part 2: Mercy not Justice
Text: Matthew 15:21-28 When considering the problem of suffering, many, even in the Church, accuse God of injustice. How can a good God allow so much pain and turmoil. The Canaanite woman is different. She does not seek justice from Jesus. She seeks mercy.

Click here for this morning's class.
Here is the description:
Worship and the Anglican Prayerbook
The first part of this audio skips a bit, but hang in there it gets better. This discussion covers the shape of Anglican worship and includes an extended conversation comparing written liturgical worship to non-liturgical worship.
Have a great Sabbath. I'll post the sermon text tomorrow...I've got to correct some of the spelling a grammar.

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