Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Notes

Good Morning, just a few notes this Thursday. Read carefully and be sure to scroll down to see other posts you may have missed this week:

Mission and Ministry Sunday AKA “Ingathering Sunday” is coming up very soon, Sunday September 7th. We changed the name because to have a Sunday designated as a time of “Ingathering” implies that its a normal and good thing to have a period of “outgoing” or to “take the Summer off” from church...which we all know is not true : - ). Worship for the believer is like breathing, you can't live without it....In any case, the service times will be the same as they usually are, 8:00am and 10:30am but instead of Christian education between services, there will be a missions fair. This is an opportunity for people to commit to one or more of the ministries of Good Shepherd. There are many many things you could do, too many to name or number here, but you will see them on the 7th and I'll send out a few notes before then as well.

Please pray about your ministry at Good Shepherd and ask God to show you where he would like you to use the gifts and time he has given you. There will be homemade sweet-roles and other pastries and, of course, coffee and tea.

If you are the leader of a ministry on Sunday you'll receive a blank white poster board so that you can create your ministry display. There are about 16 of you.

Flower Fund (from Cookie Finch): Once again we are coming back together after a very full and busy summer to start our Fall flurry of activities. It is now time to remember our loved ones who have passed away as well as happy events such as Births, Baptisms, Weddings, Birthdays or Anniversaries. You can express your feelings by putting flowers on the altar to commemorate any event.

In the pew, you will find a form, which you can fill out and send to the Church. This is an easy way to remember our loved ones with flowers for the full year. You can specify the flowers for specific weeks and also for the Christmas and Easter holidays at one time. Of course, you can always put flowers on the altar at any time during the year as the need arises.

If you have any questions about the Flower Fund, please feel free to call me at any time. Cookie Finch 775-2250

Please be sure to check the ministry schedule to see if you are scheduled to serve. If for some unavoidable reason you cannot make it, please be sure to find a replacement. Thanks.

Website News: The new website will be ready by next week. It is newer and capable of doing a lot more than our old one including the capacity to store audio and video. We'll certainly be taking advantage of that. As for the temporary blog/website we've been using, we will keep it going even after the new one is complete. The blog format is a good one for getting daily bits of news out quickly, prayer requests, sermons, reflections and for hosting discussions and questions and articles. So please continue to check it daily. Be sure to scroll down on this site for news you may have missed.

Morning Prayer: Every week from Tuesday to Friday, there is a morning prayer service in the sanctuary at Good Shepherd at 8:30am. One of the people who regularly attend reminded me that some of our newer parishioners may not be aware of that. Two passages of scripture are read every morning, one Old Testament and one New Testament, from a reading schedule that takes us through the entire bible in two years. The worship follows the “Morning Prayer Rite II” form in the prayer book beginning on page 78. After the readings there is a brief but often in-depth discussion/conversation about the scriptures. It is a great way to start the day. One important part of the Anglican vision is that a Christian body, a congregation, is formed and shaped through prayer and the daily corporate reading and exposition of the bible. Morning prayer provides one means toward that end. All are invited to come, the more the better.

Men's Breakfast and Bible Study: Lee Bronson is cooking tomorrow morning. We studied 2nd John last Friday and this Friday we'll review that and pass on to 3rd John. If you've never studied these short books you're missing out. Lots of the big eaters are still out on vacation which means more food for those who come. The breakfast/bible study starts at 6:30am in the parish hall every Friday. See you there

Women's Bible Study (Saturday): The women's bible study started back up last Saturday and continues this Saturday at 10:00am. They will be working through the 12 minor prophets. If you do not know who the 12 minor prophets are, just open your bible to the Old Testament. The minor prophets start after the book of Daniel with the prophet Hosea and end with the prophet Malachi, the last book before the New Testament. They are called “minor” not because they are unimportant, but because their books are a lot shorter than the “major” prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. It sounds like a fascinating study that, because I am a male, I will miss, but if you are not a man, you don't have to share my fate. The study meets in the parish hall every Saturday at 10:00am


Anonymous said...

missions fair- what a good idea! Kudos!


Good Shepherd Weekly said...

Thanks R...weren't you there to see it last year?

Momet said...

I vote for using the blogsite for updates in lieu of e-mail. Why use three internet sites when 2 will do!?

Good Shepherd Weekly said...

Good point Momet, but there will only be two websites. The old one will be no more so there will only be this blog and the new website. My only concern about not sending email is that sometimes people forget to check the updates online unless I send the link via email. Maybe if people get in the habit of checking this blog every week we can do that though...that would be a lot less work for me!