Thursday, August 21, 2008

Alister Begg on the necessity of faith

This talk by Alister Begg is a fine discussion of the necessity of faith in Christ and what life is like without Him.

Listen to it here: Christian Faith - What is It, Who Needs It?, Part A Hebrews 11:1-6

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Anonymous said...

On a recent Podcast, Alister Begg asked his audience to "consider" the following axiom:

"The presence of anxiety is directly related to the absence of humility."
-Alistair Beg-

I have been thinking about this idea--regularly. And it has me thinking about confidence. That, if Christian's truly bent their knee to the Savior then most, if not all, anxiety would vanish from their day to day existence.

And their confidence would be SUPREME.

And I like the idea of "absence of humility": That shouldering our cares hints of pride...!

Still thinking about this, but I am glad to see this blog. Any other thoughts are appreciated.