Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Notes

Dear Good Shepherd,

I hope that you are all doing well this morning. This week's Thursday notes will be a bit short because all day I have been working on the new website and I hope to post tomorrow's update on it and then roll it out. Lot's of information is already stored but there is still much to do including working on the look of the site.

I would like to direct you to the sermon's section of the new website. It is a lot easier to listen to podcasts from the new site. Here is the sermon's page. To listen to sermons you need to click on the prhase"go to the sermon" that you will see when you follow the link below:

When you click on "go to the sermon" it will take you to a page that has the text of the sermon and an audio band. All you have to do is click on the "play" button" (the arrow pointing right). Here is last weeks:

And, I suppose, from the link above you can probably surf around on the new site a bit. I do want to say that the site is not finished so it does not look like it will look tomorrow and there is still alot of content that needs to be uploaded. AND very important, the site address that I have pasted above WILL change. It will be the VERY same website address we've always had so don't bookmark the link above.

Also, if you have pictures that you think would be good to post, please send them along. It is so much easier to put photographs up on this new site than the old one. So please let me know.

For Wardens and Vestry, please do send me any photo's you have that are already on your computer and you don't mind posting online. Just attach them to an email. The only vestry person I have so far is John Chaney, but he may not like the picture much.

Okay, now for this week's brief notes:

1. Thursday Night bible study is on for tonight at 6:30pm, we'll be moving into Matthew 19

2. Joe is scheduled to cook for the Men's Breakfast & Bible Study at 6:30am Friday. This is a good time to start if you've never come before because we'll be turning from 3rd John to the book of Jude. It's always nice to join a bible study at the beginning of a book.

3. The women's bible study meets Saturday at 10:00am. They are currently in the book of Hosea and will be moving through all the minor prophets.

Shepherd's Bowl (our soup kitchen) starts tonight at the regular time and I know they can always use help.

Be sure to scroll down on this site for any news you might have missed.

In Christ, Matt

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