Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Last Post

Well, now that the new website is up, I will be putting the Blog of the Good Shepherd to rest. It's been a good run but there is no more need for it. The new website does all that this blog does and more. I will be posting daily podcasts and articles at the new site and at the Good Shepherd facebook page...

Take some time and explore the site. There are so many more resources and so much more information packed into this site than in past ones. Be sure to check out the new photo gallery. Each image represents an entire gallery of photographs that you can enlarge and view. The homepage (the first page that pops up when you get to the site) boasts a video library for quick video updates. There is a new page for podcasts on which I've started publishing daily (well...weekdays...at least that's the goal) podcasts. The present series is a study of the Ten Commandments. You can listen to Wednesday's and Thursday's podcasts here. There is a new sermon's page which boasts both video and text.

You will also find descriptions of our bible studies, beliefs, Sunday School classes, the Shepherd's Bowl, outreach programs, a much more comprehensive links page complete with direct links to our denomination, diocese, bible study resources, blogs, classic Christian works, and much more. Along with the new website has come a new Good Shepherd facebook page which you can join and receive daily links, news and updates. In any case, explore and enjoy.

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Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Will you be keeping this up a while? I just recently found out about your story and want to see how everything turns out with your congregation and Saint Andrews Roman Catholic Church etc. I read Parts I, II & III on Stand Firm and I am hungry for more.