Monday, March 15, 2010

Christianity and Islam

Dear Good Shepherd,

Since we've been dealing with Islam somewhat lately, I thought I would pass along this excellent audio discussion of the relationship between the god described and worshiped in the Koran and God as he is revealed in the bible.

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God by a different name?


creidsinn said...

G'day Matt,

Joshua here from Oz. Hope you are well. I just wanted to refer you to this...

It is a preaching conference with some really good Scottish Reformed guys (who serve in the States).

I have no idea where Ohio is in relation to you, but if I were in the States, I would love to go this conference.


deck said...

Fr Matt,

Drop by from time to time from SFIF to see what is up in Binghamton. That was good information for all Christians. Understanding how to evangilize Muslims without threatening them is important.