Monday, March 1, 2010

Bible study tool box

Dear Good Shepherd,

I saw raised eyebrows yesterday in class when I brought up the Greek Interlinear...I don't know why :)

Okay, I suppose you can study the bible without one, but having one is very very very helpful for all the reasons discussed:

Here is a pretty cheap Greek Interlinear--the same one I use:

Now--if you buy that you've won half the battle--to go the whole way pick up a Greek Concordance which will enable you to do word studies in the Greek. Here's a good basic starter edition:

Now, I suppose if you don't do that--but I really hope you do--you could use an English concordance and a parallel bible. 

A Parallel bible sets a number of different English translations on the same page for comparison. Using a Parallel bible will enable you to see where the translators have differed and what words require further study. It also helps to bring out nuances in the text that may not be apparent if you are just reading one version:

As far as concordances go, the English Standard Version Bible online has a great concordance feature. Just type in a word in the search engine and all the uses of that word in the ESV text will pop up on the screen. 

Finally, here is a good exhaustive concordance of the NIV

Hope this helps, 

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