Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sermons for the day

Some have asked for links to the preachers to whom I regularly listen. My habit, and it has been for about six years now, is to listen to three to four sermons a day while I'm working out and walking instead of music. I used to rely on the radio and a walkman but three years ago, I got an ipod for Christmas and that made things so much easier. I could access the best preachers in the world and not have to worry about radio reception and what the local Christian station deemed worthy of broadcasting. God has used this discipline to teach me more about scripture and doctrine, to challenge and confront me in various ways, and, especially, to encourage me. If you can work it into your schedule--whether on the radio or an ipod--maybe when you are cleaning house or exercising or whatever, I encourage you to do so. Its been a huge benefit to me.

Here are the preachers, in no particular order, I listen too most. They all have podcasts to which you can subscribe,  listen too on your computer, and/or download onto an Mp3 player.

Alistair Begg:

Mark Driscoll:

Matt Chandler:

RC Sproul:

John MacArthur:

John Piper:

Hank Hanegraff  "the Bible Answer Man" (a call-in question and answer broadcast)


Mark Hollingsworth said...

Thanks for the post. I agree that listening or reading the sermons of other preachers helps us as preachers and Christians as well.
Thanks for sharing and the resources.

Ray Daniel said... and I are on the same page. This looks like my own Ipod...just add Ravi, Chuck Swindoll and Greg Laurie.