Friday, September 18, 2009

ACK Kwenda...a church in a Nairobi Slum

Below are some photos taken from inside the ACK Kwenda church in a Nairobi slum. This is an Anglican parish church with a school located in the middle of one of the poorest places in Kenya and probably in Africa as a whole. The children in the photographs live in the slum and attend the church school during the day. ACK Kwenda needs money for rent in order to stay open, to provide rubber boots for the children pictured here who often walk barefoot on unpaved "streets" that are littered with refuse and sometimes flooded with raw sewage, and to provide the children with daily lunches. This is the church I spoke about during Mission and Ministry Sunday (the photo quality is not that great--I think Anne was trying not to use a flash).


The woman pictured above is the pastor of ACK Kwenda...I can't remember her name

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