Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Notes

Dear Good Shepherd,

Happy Thursday, here are your Thursday Notes...

The Rummage sale/BBQ/ Health fare was fantastic last week. Someone estimated that about 300 people from the community passed through the doors of Good Shepherd to take advantage of the free health screenings, low priced clothing and goods, and great chicken. Thank you to everyone who participated and to all who helped organize and serve. I’ve put together a brief photo album of the event at the website. You can see it here. Please send me any photos you have of events and I’ll put them into a gallery if I can.

Cleaning Day: This Saturday is the parish clean-up maintenance day. We need all the help we can get, so please do come. We’ll be doing minor maintenance, repairs, and some painting. But a basic fall cleaning is in order all around. We’ll start in the morning, 9:00am and work until its done. Feel free to come and go as you can, but please do help.

Court Date: The vestry wanted me to remind everyone that a very important date is coming up soon. On December 12th, the Diocese will seek summary judgment and we will seek dismissal at a hearing in Broome County Court. I do not know the time yet, but when I do I will pass it on. The vestry has asked that as many parishioners as possible show up in the court room so please mark your calendars.

Capital Campaign: On that note, given that we do not know the outcome of the trial, it may be necessary to leave this building some time next year. The vestry has been planning for this possibility, reviewing possible relocation sites. One thing we are certain that we must have is the money to move if necessary. For that reason the vestry has decided to initiate a capital campaign. You will hear more about this in the future. John Chaney, junior warden, will chair the campaign. He and those on his committee will soon begin to share the purposes and goals of the campaign with you. Please

Sermon links: Sunday's sermon is here:

If you'd like to comment on it, you can also listen to it here:

Podcasts: This week’s podcast will be posted soon. Last week’s podcast, “Why do some Christians pray to Mary and the Saints” is available here.

Christian Education Oct 12th (two Sundays from now): Binghamton University is only a few miles down the road, but sometimes it feels worlds away! During our adult education hour, we will welcome our own Carrie Moorhead, who works InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, to share how God is building students and faculty into a witnessing community at Binghamton University.

Bible Studies: All the bible studies are up and running this week, including the womens' bible study which will meet this Saturday at 10:00pm even though it’s cleaning day.

Cooking Schedule: Lee Bronson is cooking (here is the schedule) for the Men’s Breakfast and Bible study Friday morning at 6:30am. We’ll be moving from Jude to the book of Hebrews.

In Christ,


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