Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Notes

Dear Good Shepherd,

Happy Thursday.

There is a lot to report this morning so I'll get started.

First some good news: Many of you may remember Justin and Katie Almeida. They moved to Binghamton, joined Good Shepherd, Justin lead the choir and Katie helped with Sunday school for about two years before they moved to Rhinebeck New York last year. Katie's Mom called yesterday to let me know that Katie has given birth to a very healthy girl baby named Adelaide Grace. Adelaid is 19 inches and 7.9lbs and she is an answer to many many prayers. Congratulations Justin and Katie (they are still on the update list) and may God bless Adelaid.

2. Congratulations to Alexander Hercules Alberto Beam who was Baptized this Sunday. Welcome to the Family.

3. The Harvest dinner is coming up Next Wednesday, the 15th of October. For those of you who do not know the Harvest Dinner is a more than century old tradition at Good Shepherd. Many Binghamtonians look forward to it every year, marking it on their calendars as the first big celebration of the Fall. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, all sorts and kinds of pies great food at a great price. It's a lot of fun and a lot of work. If you are a member of Good Shepherd please sign up to help in a task. There is a sign up board in the parish hall for volunteers. We need all of the volunteers we can get.

4. Carrie Moorhead will be preaching and teaching this coming Sunday. Carrie is the on-campus staff leader for InterVarsity fellowship, a large (I think the largest) Christian student group on the BU Campus and she is one of our newest parishioners. She will talk to us about her ministry to college students and professors and give us some insight into college ministry and outreach in general. She is a very good speaker and has lead discussions on ministry and leadership at conventions across the country.

5. I've posted another article on the role of scripture in the church based on the sixth Article of Religion: How do we Know what is Essential? In the article I address the question: How do we know which church teachings are essential to the Christian faith and which teachings are non-essential or open to dispute and disagreement?

6. One more: If you have not heard, the diocese of Pittsburgh voted to leave the Episcopal Church this Saturday. Here is a video that will help you understand the background.

7. Sermon: Here is a link to last sunday's sermon: The Uncomfortable Church

8. I was unable to get a podcast out last week. I'm going to try to have two this week. The first will have to do with a question I received about the passages read on Sunday morning and the second will have to do with a question asked this week about abortion...

9. Breakfast/Bible Study: Charles Hadley has volunteered to cook breakfast instead of me tomorrow morning for the men's breakfast and Bible study. I'll be there but he wanted to cook. We'll hopefully be moving into Hebrew's 2.

10. Choir will also not meet this Saturday. But if you are in choir please do remember to come to one of the two meetings offered for your convenience. It is important that we worship God with excellence on Sunday and that requires practice.

11.In him was life: john Piper preaches an excellent sermon on the Life we have in Christ and the life he gives to the world, based on John 1.

12. Bible Studies: All the other bible studies will meet as usual.

13. Flower Fund: The deadline has passed for the Flower Fund. If you wish to have flowers placed on the altar, please fill out the form now and give it to Cookie Finch. Please remember that if an occasion arises during the year you can always dedicate flowers by calling Cookie a week ahead. The Altar Guild of St. Anne's thanks you for your support by donating flowers.

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