Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Notes

Dear Good Shepherd,

Happy Thursday, here are your Thursday notes...

1. Thank you so very much to everyone who organized, led, participated or helped in any way with this year's Harvest Dinner...there are just too many people to thank to start naming names, but it went very well. I am especially glad that this year's dinner was lifted up in prayer. It is so important to remember not to draw a line between what is done for the sake of the gospel and the glory of Jesus Christ and what is done to raise funds or other "secular" pursuits. Everything the body of Christ does, even the Harvest Dinner, is and must be done to further the Gospel and to glorify the Lord. I am so thankful that God has reminded us of that truth this year.

2. Blessing of the Beasts. As you know this Sunday is the blessing of the beasts. For those of you who do not wish to be around the beasts, the 8:00am service will be beast-free. But for the rest, bring your beast to the 10:30am. Here are some basic guidelines:

a. dogs must be on leashes. Cats must be in carry cases or leashes. Birds/mice/gerbils/rats/snakes/lizards MUST be in cages.

b. If you have beasts that cannot control their bodily functions (donkeys, horses, etc...) please do not bring them into the sanctuary. I will bless them outside.

c. If your dog/cat/animal of any kind barks or growls or calls or meows uncontrollably, please do take him/her out of the service until he/she calms down so that the other beasts can enjoy the service.

There will be treats after the service for almost every sort of beast regardless of behavior...except snakes, since they eat mice and that would sort of wreck the whole blessing thing.

Finally, there will be Christian education between services. We will end the classes at exactly 10:10am so that people who are attending Sunday school can run home to pick up their various and sundry beasts.

3. Bible Studies: All the bible studies are up and running this week including the Women's Bible Study on Saturday, the Men's Breakfast and Bible study on Friday morning and the Beginner's Bible Study tonight.

4. The cook for the men's Breakfast/Bible Study this week is, well, the list says "BC" and I have no idea who that is...does anyone know? Maybe someone might volunteer? We'll be moving to Hebrews 2

5. Sermon: If you did not get it, here is last Sunday's sermon on dealing with Anxiety by Carrie Moorhead:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Download "Carrie Moorhead: Anxiety and Contentment" in MP3 format

6. Podcast: Last week's podcast dealt with the topic, raised by a parishioner of abortion in cases of rape/incest.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Download "Weekly Podcast: Is Abortion Right in Cases of Rape or Incest?" in MP3 format

7. JI Packer: This morning I linked an Anglican TV interview with famous evangelical theologian (and Anglican) JI Packer. You can watch it here. Dr. Packer was recently deposed from his position in the Anglican Church of Canada as a result of his decision not to follow the diocese down the path of blessing same sex unions and affirming homosexual behavior. He speaks about his experience in the interview.

8. Lectionary: If you are wondering why I no longer post the daily readings here this will explain things. Here is a link to the daily lectionary (PDF) that we use so you can follow along for yourself.

9. Prayers needed: Please pray:

a. for the marriages, children, and families of Good Shepherd as we enter the feasting seasons. This can be a very difficult time for marriages and families so please keep the people of this church in your prayers

b. for discernment and wisdom on the part of the vestry...that we will be able to know God's will (Colossians 1:9)

That is about it for now...more in tomorrow's update.

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