Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Notes

Dear Good Shepherd,

Happy Thursday, here are your Thursday notes.

1. Rummage Sale/BBQ/Health Fair THIS SATURDAY 10am. In case you missed it, be sure to read the Press and Sun article about Good Shepherd’s rummage/BBQ and health fare. Dolly Shaller and Carmen Swafford-Penna met with Valerie Zahl last week to provide details about all that is happening this Saturday and this fine article is the result. One great thing about this exposure is the opportunity we now have to give free health services to people from all over the city, not just the South side, who cannot afford or do not have insurance. I think we could still use some help on this so please show up on Saturday even if you’ve not signed up.

2. Prayer meeting Saturday morning: everyone is invited to the brief prayer meeting in the sanctuary at 9:00am on Saturday morning right before the events begin at 10:00am. We’ll pray for God’s blessing on the events, for the people who come and for anything else that you bring for prayer.

3. The weekly pod-cast will be coming out this afternoon. This week I’ll be dealing with the question: Why do some Christians pray to Mary and the Saints? I’ll send you the link as soon as it is complete. Here is last week's podcast on the "Q Source".

Download "Weekly Podcast: What is the "Q" Source" in MP3 format

4. Last Sunday's Sermon: Anne’s excellent sermon from last Sunday (based on Jonah 4) in which she dealt with those times when believers feel angry toward God is available here both in text and podcast.

5. Augustine Project: Be sure to read about the Augustine project here. Good Shepherd is, rightly, becoming more and more outward focused, seeking ways to both help the community and bear witness to Jesus Christ. The Augustine project is an opportunity to do both. Micah Towery has been thinking and praying long and hard about this project, with help from Ife. You will be hearing a lot more about this project in the coming months.

6. Noon Communion: Don’t forget that Noon Communion is held every Thursday at 12:00.

7. Bible Study: The Beginners Bible Study and the Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study are on schedule this week. The Women’s Bible Study on Saturday will not meet to make way for the Rummage/BBQ/Health fair.

8. Table campaign: If you pass by the bulletin board that is hanging in the back door entrance (from the parking lot) you’ll see a notice about a Table Campaign. The tables in the parish hall are old and rotting. They are also quite heavy. St. Matthias has offered to purchase new tables for the church

9. Beauty and Worship: If you are an artist or musician or interested in music and art and to integrate beauty into worship, Dr. RC Sproul’s recent lecture series is fantastic. I especially encourage anyone in choir or who serves on the altar to take time to listen to this series this weeking on Art, Music, Beauty and Worship. Here are the links:

The Beauty of Worship:

The Sight of Worship:

The Sound of Worship part 1:

The Sound of Worship part 2:

9. Cooking Rotation: Men’s breakfast and bible study is on for tomorrow morning and according to the schedule Don Dean is cooking.

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