Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Notes

Dear Good Shepherd

Happy Thursday:

If I make no sense in this post it's because Rowan was up all night last night. Our other children are complacent and resigned in the face of sickness. Rowan gets angry. When he wasn't yelling "I don't want that"...apparently speaking to his cold...he was running up down the halls wondering, "Where's Emma?" his big sister who somehow figured out how to lock her door. Anyway, I got about three hours and Anne was pretty much up the whole time.

Here are your notes:

1. The Beginner's Bible Study meets tonight at the regular time. Men's Bible Study and Breakfast tomorrow at 6:30am (Joe Barham is Cooking), and Women's Bible Study meets Saturday morning at 10:00am.

2. Don't forget about Noon Communion which begins, strangely enough, today (Thursday) at noon.

3. If you surf over to our main website, you'll notice that the "sermons" section has been renamed "podcasts". We changed it because in the future we'll be recording a lot more than sermons. I'll be putting the Sunday Class recording up there as well as, at least if all goes as planned, a weekly question and answer podcast.

4. This Tuesday at First Light Bible Study, someone asked about the history of and nature of "revivals" in the Church. I didn't have a good answer to that question at the time, so I did some reading and provide a partial answer and Dr. JI Packer's full answer here.

5. I now have a whole pile of photos to be uploaded to the website. I'll try to get to that tomorrow.

6. IF you signed up for a ministry on Missions and Ministry Sunday, you should have been contacted by now. If you signed up for reading, ushering, cleaning, nursery etc...we'll be issuing a new schedule very soon that will include you. If you have NOT been contacted by someone please let us know. We don't want to schedule you for a ministry until you've been trained to do it.

7. Some of you have been asking about Ife Ojeto's new role at Good Shepherd. The details have only just now been worked out. I didn't want to say too much before I could say something solid and official . We've asked Ife to serve Good Shepherd as Urban Mission coordinator. What is that you ask? Well, Ife will be working in three areas.

First he will serve as our laison to the south-side community, getting to know the people who work on the varios community groups (the Ecumenical Council, the neighborhood improvement groups Mayor Ryan established, etc) by attending their meetings to contribute and gather information. A Christian body cannot afford to be inward focused. The more hands-on we are with the people who live around us, the more actively involved we are and atuned to their needs, the more equipped we'll be to help those in need and to share the gospel with the lost.

Second, Ife will organize, lead and manage new outreach projects: food distribution, clothing distribution, charitable collections etc...

Third Ife will act as a sort of laison between BU students and Good Shepherd, helping students learn about Good Shepherd, organizing transportation for Sunday morning, and helping them find ways to serve the community and/or the body through the various outreach programs runnig here.

Finally, Ife will help Micah with the Augustine Project. What is the Augustine Project? Read here.

I am so very thankful that Ife is willing to use his considerable gifts serve Christ at Good Shepherd.


r said...

So cool! Wish I was there. :)

Good Shepherd Weekly said...

We wish you were here too. :) Knock your husband over the head, drag him onto a plane and move back to Binghamton