Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Notes

Dear Good Shepherd,

This is a big Sunday at Good Shepherd. The Mission and Ministry fair will be held between services starting at 9:15. If you lead a ministry at Good Shepherd, Anne should have already contacted you about making a display board. If you have not started working on it, well, um, please do start. Last year there were several displays that looked like they were done the morning of…and if you really want some help in your ministry, that’s probably not going to cut it.

For everyone else, if you are a member of Good Shepherd or a guest who can commit to serve, please pray seriously about what God is calling you to do here. There are ministries serving the poor, working with community groups, serving in the office, cleaning, you name it, we probably have it. There are ministries for those who are gifted in evangelism, healing prayer, worship, and music, for those who read well and who are good with children. But do not feel constricted. If God has put something on your heart, please approach me with it and we can talk.

Above all, be there to see where God might place you. There will be pastries, coffee, tea, and don’t forget to bring your fruit.

Question and Answer: Someone asked me a very good question about a biblical text, Exodus 21:22-25, that has bearing on the question of life. When does human life begin? The bible is clear that human life begins at conception. I have edited and corrected the blog post below (I made several mistakes in the original post I linked in my email last night) and linked a helpful article on the subject. Please take the time to read it.

The bible studies are up and running this week….same times as usual…please check the schedule on the side bar....on the left side of this site.

Don't miss the new website...more pictures are up...but you have to surf around to find them.

Several people have written to say that it is difficult to listen to the sermons on the website. If you are having trouble, make sure that you have updated all the audio programs on your computer. It will always be difficult for those of you with dial up connections. But for the rest, I am looking for more specific solutions. If you simply cannot do it. The old podcast site is still up temporarily so you can listen to the sermons there as well.

Finally, cooking. The Men’s bible study does not have a cook identified for tomorrow morning. Any volunteers?

Don't forget the Shepherd's Bowl tonight followed by the Beginners Bible Study.

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