Monday, August 17, 2009

John Macarthur: Why Is Preaching Worth Fighting For?

John Macarthur started a new series this morning on the purpose and place of preaching/teaching in the church. A lot of Christians wrongly confuse preaching with public speaking and rate it accordingly. Image, charisma, video, symbol and performance are easy and digestible. Expository preaching is difficult to do and difficult to hear. It requires attention and study both on the part of the preacher and the congregation. In short it requires a full bodied commitment to the word. So it is neglected. But it is through preaching, the proclamation of his word, that God shapes, moves, rebukes, nourishes, corrects and builds up his people and brings a congregation to maturity. Macarthur provides a good corrective to the contemporary tendency to discount preaching and along the way gets to the heart of what a church is supposed to be about. You can listen to the first sermon in his series by following this link or link below the picture...
Why Is Preaching Worth Fighting For?

From text messaging to Twitter to sound bites on TV, we live in a rapid-fire society, no doubt about it. To reach contemporary audiences, should churches do away with preaching—or at least shorten the sermon? John MacArthur looks at a pastor’s most sacred charge in his study, Why Is Preaching Worth Fighting For?..listen here

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