Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Shepherd Update Friday August 14, 2009

Dear Good Shepherd,
This Sunday we'll be sending Micah Towery out into the world with our blessing.
Micah has served for two years as youth minister and music director. Next Saturday he will get married to Jillian and then move to Vancouver where they will make their home. When Micah came to Good Shepherd, there was no youth ministry and we were without a music director. Through God's grace and the gifts that he gives for the up-building of the body, Micah created the youth group from nothing and leaves Good Shepherd with an established foundation for youth ministry upon which Ife will build. Micah is a gifted preacher and teacher, a faithful minister, and a good friend. It's hard to imagine what Good Shepherd will be like without him.

I wish he were leaving on a Sunday that were not smack in the middle of so many people's vacations. August is the lowest month attendance wise at Good Shepherd and so many will miss saying goodbye but we'll do our best. At the 10:30am service, we'll pray for him and send him out and then, hopefully, many of you will be able to attend his wedding this coming Saturday.

Ife Ojewato:
Ife will take Micah's place as youth minister.
We'll lay hands on him and pray for God's blessing on his ministry this Sunday at the 10:30akm service. Ife has served Good Shepherd for the last year as our Urban Missions minister. He has also assisted Micah with the youth group, and led the Tuesday Night Bible Study "First Light". Please come this Sunday and pray for and celebrate this day with Ife.

Yard Sale
tomorrow August 15th 11 am - 3pm:
This Saturday we're going to have a yard sale to raise funds to do some much needed repairs to the Rectory. This should be a big, fun project. If you have not signed up, please come and help.

Helpers are needed to set up and price items on Friday. If the weather cooperates, it will at least partially be held outside in the parking lot. We need people to man a couple of tables each. We will also be selling hot dogs and soda so we will need people to cook them on the grill and keep the supplies coming.

Carmen will be giving away school supplies and ice cream to customers. If you would like to contribute, you may consider a monetary donation to purchase the supplies. Any amount would be appreciated. You can give cash to Carmen, Dolly Shaller or Cookie.

Thank you. If you have any questions, please call Cookie Finch.

Micah's Wedding: For those of you who don't know, Micah's wedding will NOT be happening in the church building. It will take place at Red Barn in Deposit, NY. The address:

18 Kelsey Rd
Deposit, NY 13754-4218

The wedding begins at 6pm and there will be a reception at Red Barn after. If you are still interested in helping with regards to food, please talk to Carrie ASAP. Red Barn is about 35-40 minutes away, so make sure you give yourself enough time! Micah will print out directions for you if you cannot look them up for yourself online.

Christian Education: Anglican Worship and Sacraments.
You can listen to last week's class here. This week we'll continue our discussion of the Eucharist, looking in particular at the key biblical texts dealing with communion. I'll also answer questions that have come up. Next week we'll move on to speak more directly about the form of worship--the prayerbook, the liturgy, the smells and bells, and why we do what we do.

The Shepherd's Bowl: There have been a number of questions about the Shepherd's Bowl that I wanted to answer and I don't have the time to write an article today, so if you've got questions about it, please watch and listen.

Systematic Theology: I know that the schedule says that we are having systematic theology this Saturday, but the schedule was created before the Yard Sale was planned. So we will not be meeting this Saturday. The remaining dates are still right. In September we will return to meeting every Saturday. You can watch last week's class here.

Acolyte Practice: Acolytes will meet again on Sunday the 23rd of August after the 10:30am service.

Podcast: Last Week's sermon entitled "Meekness" in our series on congregational unity can be listened too here.

Reading area: We've set up a reading area in the parish hall, with comfortable furninture and lots of books. Most of the books are Christian ones but there are also books on philosophy, politics, literature, and other topics. The idea is to have a well rounded reading center. Please note that the presence of a book in the Library does not mean that we agree or affirm what is written there. I have done my best to weed through but I may have missed some. Most of the books are mine, so please be sure to write the title of any book you take and your name on the sign out sheet that is hanging on the wall next to the couch. Thanks : )

No Womens Bible Study on Saturday: There will not be women's bible study this Saturday due to the Yard Sale

Youth Group: Youth Group will be meeting this week on its regular schedule, but we'll be doing different activities. Junior high will be going out to eat at around 1pm and Senior high will meet at Midway Lanes for bowling at 6. This is Micah's last Sunday. After that Ife will be taking over!

Good News for the Week
Now therefore, O our God, listen to the prayer of your servant and to his pleas for mercy, and for your own sake, O Lord, make your face to shine upon your sanctuary, which is desolate. 18 O my God, incline your ear and hear. Open your eyes and see our desolations, and the city that is called by your name. For we do not present our pleas before you because of our righteousness, but because of your great mercy. 19 O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive. O Lord, pay attention and act. Delay not, for your own sake, O my God, because your city and your people are called by your name.” 20 While I was speaking and praying, confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel, and presenting my plea before the Lord my God for the holy hill of my God, 21 while I was speaking in prayer, the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the first, came to me in swift flight at the time of the evening sacrifice. 22 He made me understand, speaking with me and saying, “O Daniel, I have now come out to give you insight and understanding. 23 At the beginning of your pleas for mercy a word went out, and I have come to tell it to you, for you are greatly loved. Therefore consider the word and understand the vision.

Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors to church!

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