Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Notes

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Download "Introduction to Good Shepherd: Podcast for New Members and Interested Guests" in MP3 format

Dear Good Shepherd,

I've been meaning to hold New Member classes for the last several years and have not done so. Now, especially since we have so many new and interested members, I've decided to do the class by Podcast. The above podcast is the first in a series of five or six ten minute presentations designed to give you a sense of Good Shepherd's mission, purpose, organizational structure, programs, ministries, membership expectations, and leadership structure. By the end of this series you should know all there is to know about Good Shepherd and how to become a member.

Men's Breakfast and Bible Study: Begins every Friday morning at 6:30am. We're currently working our way through 1st Samuel. I am cooking tomorrow but if anyone would like to volunteer in my stead, I'll buy the stuff, please give me a call.

Beginners Bible Study: We've taken a three week haitus because of Anne's trip to Kenya. She is back now, so there will be bible study this evening after the Shepherd's Bowl at 6:30pm at Conklin Avenue Baptist Church.

Prayer Chain: One thing Good Shepherd presently lacks is a prayer chain. A prayer chain is made up of a number of people who commit to pray for the needs of the church and their brothers and sisters. When prayer is needed, the first person in the chain is notified by phone. The first person then calls one or two other members of the chain who, in turn, call one or two more until every one in the chain has been notified. This is a quick way to get a lot of people praying when necessary.

Julie Liddle has volunteered to organize and lead the prayer chain. If you are interested in being a part of it please contact her by phone or email: Her telephone number is: 723-1344. And her email address is:

Weekly Prayer: The Weekly prayer meeting this coming Wednesday will be very important. Intercession has been an area of weakness for this congregation that we've been trying to rectify. Prayer is essential for a living church to continue to live and grow. It is one of the primary vehicles through which God in his grace has chosen to affect change and transformation in the world, the chruch, local congregations, and individuals. At this Wednesday's prayer meeting we'll begin to organize an intercessors group committed to praying regularly for the mission, ministry, people, and future of Good Shepherd. The meeting will begin at 6pm in the chapel this coming Wednesday.

Acolytes: There will be acolyte practice this Sunday after the 10:30am service. All acolytes and new acolytes are encouraged to attend.

Women's Bible Study: Will meet this Saturday at 10am at the church.

Systematic Theology: We'll meet this Saturday for the first time in 3 weeks at 3:30pm. We'll complete our discussion of the communicable attributes of God and hopefully bridge into a discussion of the Trinity.

High Sunday School during the Summer: As most of you know, Micah Towery, our current Youth Minister will be leaving in the fall. Ife Ojewato will be taking his place as Youth Minister and high school Sunday School teacher. Because of this transition and because we are in the process of rethinking our Christian Education program and strategy for high-shool students, the high school class will have Sunday School with the for the remainder of the Summer.

Podcasts: Last Sunday was the second sermon in the series on "Marriage" entitled "Why Did God Make Marriage?. You can listen to that podcast here and read the text. We've also been podcasting the Sunday morning Adult Education classes "Anglican Worship and Sacraments". Here is part 2 in that series.

Adult Christian Education: Anglican Worship and that we have laid some introductory groundwork this Sunday's class will be all about baptism as Anglicans understand it. We've had some great discussions, hope you can make it. Class starts at 9:15am on Sunday morning.

A New Mike: For those having a hard time hearing the class podcasts, a generous donor has supplied a microphone for my ipod so the audio will be much better from now on...thank you.

A New Church is Born: The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) was born this week in Ft. Worth Texas. Good Shepherd is a member congregation of this new Anglican province which includes over 100,000 members in both Canada and the United States. You can read about it and follow the news on the ACNA website.

Here is the opening procession (taped just this evening) for the installation of Archbishop Robert Duncan--pretty good stuff:

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