Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pictures of Good Shepherd Anglican

People who do not live in Binghamton have been asking for pictures of the church grounds. Since Anne took the camera with her to Africa, the most recent photos I can find are from a family picnic we had about three weeks ago in the nice field in front of the storage building across from the church building and rectory. They're not great and don't do the beauty of the place justice, but you can get a good idea of how the grounds are laid out.

This is a side view of the church building from the picnic field across our parking-lot

panning left you can see Emma in the purple pok-a-dot dress on the left and the rectory with a nice two car garage on the right

still panning left, the sidewalk leading to the school building is in view behind the kids. You can see the metal railing.

Still panning left, this is the back of the school building...not as nice as the front and sides which have a lot of windows...but you get a sense of how the property lays out. If you keep panning left you get to see the storage building which is directly opposite of the church building across the parking lot.

Here's Rowan standing to the left of the storage building holding his purple ball.


Here is Gwendolyn sitting on the sidewalk that leads directly from my back door to the church cool is that.

When Anne gets back we'll take more pictures

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Wilfried said...

thanks Matt, great to have a more concrete picture of what you all are up to!