Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Shepherd Update Thursday February 4th, 2010

Dear Good Shepherd,

I'm really swamped today so I won't have time for the usual lengthy news update. We've moved our bedroom upstairs again to be closer to the kids (we moved downstairs when Anne was pregnant to make it easier on her) and that means that we now hear EVERYTHING that our five children do during the night and we are, as a result, short of sleep...which makes work slower and less efficient. But here is what I have managed to cobble together before getting back to the pile of books and papers on my desk.

Settlement: That's right, the lawsuit has been settled, thanks be to God. Please come this Sunday between services if you would like to know more.

Articles: We're still planning on having the second installment of our series on last year's move printed in this Sunday's bulletin or availible in some fashion. It's just not ready yet.

Here is last Sunday's sermon on what you should expect from leaders in the church:

Sermon this Sunday: We'll be moving on to 1st Thessalonians 5:14-15. Last week we dealt with peaceful relationships between leaders and the people in a church. This Sunday we'll discuss peace in church in a general way. What are some of the ways that God builds unity in a congregation? Here is the text:
And we urge you, brothers, warn those who are idle, encourage the timid, help the weak, be patient with everyone. 15Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else.
Haiti: Pastor Mark Driscol recently visited Haiti and shot this video/sermon on his return. Please take the time to watch and learn about the conditions there and if you have not done so already, please contribute to Good Shepherd's collection for Haiti. Just mark your checks with the word "Haiti"

Healing service: There will be a healing service every Wednesday in Lent. The times have not yet been decided so there will be more information coming soon.

Ash Wednesday: Lent begins on Ash Wednesday which is coming up February 17th. On that day there will be services at 7am and 7pm...noon is a possibility as well, but 7am and 7pm are definite. If you are new to Anglicanism, I'll be saying more about Ash Wednesday in a video that is coming up soon.

Christian Ed Spiritual Disciplines: We're in the middle of a discussion on prayer. I was a little muddled last week due to exhaustion, sorry, but I did send out my notes by email for you to look at. If you would like a hard-copy please let me know. This week we'll review and move forward into a discussion of various forms of prayer.

Oh and part of the class we'll have to talk about the settlement so please come.

Men's Breakfast and Bible Study: Friday morning at 6:30am. All men are welcome. We're working through 2nd Samuel and are just about to hit the juicy parts. Cooking this week: Lee Bronson

Beginner's Bible Study: This week we'll move into chapter 5 of John's gospel. Hope to see you there. 6:30pm after the Shepherd's Bowl in the parish hall.

Women's Bible Study will meet as usual at 10am on Saturday

Thank You: To Don and Darrell for making the storage area into a classroom for the older elementary. Excellent work. Thank you to Lee Bronson for fixing the lights in the existing classrooms. And Thank you to everyone who organized and planned and cooked for the International Feast last week. It was a delicious success.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper: is coming up on, well, Shrove Tuesday...that's Mardi Gras for non-Anglicans. Mark your calendars. The idea is to get good and fat for the lenten fasts. There are flyers in the parish hall that really need to be distributed. So if you are free and would like to help us out, please drop by and pick up a pile.

Palm Branches: Please bring your palms from last Palm Sunday to church next Sunday (February 7th) and next (February 14th). These will be burned at the close of the Shrove Tuesday event in preparation for Ash Wednesday.

Applesauce: After Women's Bible Study and ACW meeting on February 13th, we will be making applesauce for the Shrove Tuesday Supper. Please come with a bag (or two) of apples and plastic containers. All are encouraged to bring applesauce made at home as well.

Youth Update as texted in by Ife:

Senior High : 6-7:30p Super Bowl party

Junior high : 6:30-8:00p

Choir Practice: Tonight at 7pm, don't forget.

Vestry Meeting: This coming Wednesday at 6pm...remember these meetings are open to every member of the church.

I think that's all, if not, please remind me...

In Christ

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