Friday, January 15, 2010

Ife in the News

Here's a great article about Ife that was posted in the national website for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship:

Ife Ojetayo actively participated in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Binghamton University in New York from fall 2000 until spring 2004. While attending college, Ife was a small group leader and the InterVarsity chapter president for two years.
Throughout many retreats and training sessions, includingExpedition and Basileia, the regional camp for campuses in New York and New Jersey, Ife grew in his love for God and the world. He attended Urbana 2003 as a participant to explore the possibility of full-time ministry.
Ife returned home to Long Island after he graduated. When he returned to Binghamton University for graduate classes, Carrie Moorhead, InterVarsity staff at Binghamton University, suggested he pursue ministry as a career. Having grown up in Nigeria until he was 12, Ife was looking for a career in international affairs. But was not certain if that was the right career to pursue.
Carrie invited Ife to church with more here
Ife is, among many other things, Good Shepherd's Youth Minister...

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