Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Three Brief Notes

Dear Good Shepherd,

Just three notes this morning:

1. Open Office Hours: Before we moved I used to have open office hours between 9am and 1pm Tuesday thru Thursday. During those times everyone was invited to come by for any reason without an appointment. Of course, if you wanted to come by at another time that was fine too, but it was best to call first in case I had something else scheduled. I tried to clear my schedule for open office hours.

Now that things have (kind of) settled down, I'm going to begin open office again hours next week...this will hopefully make it easier for people taking the Systematic Theology Course to come by and discuss any questions that are raised in class or in the readings.

2. Systematic Theology begins this Saturday at 3:30pm. I hated setting the time because I knew that some would be unable to take the course in the afternoon...but I would have lost more if I made it in the morning. I will be podcasting for those who want to make the classes but just can't.

There are three texts we'll be using. The first I've already pointed out to you: Alistair McGrath's Introduction to Theology. The second is Wayne Grudem's "Systematic Theology" and the third is from H.C. Theissen's "Lectures in Systematic Theology". You do not need to buy any of these because I'll be providing handouts. But if you choose to purchase any of them, I would purchase one of the first two (McGrath and/or Grudem) because we'll be using them most.

3. Website: The main website is down and has been for a day because the server went down. It should be up today or tomorrow.

In Christ,

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