Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last Days with an old friend part 2

Rowan (2yrs) dons a "knight's helmet" in the parish hall...the Sunday before the verdict.

early Thursday after the call from the lawyer...

Matt talking to someone.

Crucifix in the rector's office

Thursday evening after the verdict...looking out the rector's office window

Friday morning Bible Study...Brian, Darrell, and Bob...ready to eat

The last Sunday morning in the building...

A cross we left behind...

The readings...

Last time around the altar

A last look at the "choir loft"

Jumbled belongings

Jesus and the children

Empty Bulletin Board

Empty Parish hall

Final email to the parish...

Aedan (4yrs) commemorates the loss of house and church with a drawing of bishops (below) in pitched battle. The "bad bishops" in purple with black hats on the right are destroying churches (those peak-like things with crosses on the has already been destroyed on the far right--all that remains is the cross) while "good bishops" on the left try to stop them. The left side is full of things Aedan likes...clouds, balloons, looks like a "good bishop" is standing on a watermellon on the far left. Another "good bishop" is trying to stop a bad bishop on top of a church building in the center right of the drawing...very sad but pretty accurate drawing.

Micah exercises disciplinary procedures on errant Kennedy children at St. Andrew's Rectory...days after the move

Next...things getting back to normal

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