Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Local TV News stations Report on Good Shepherd (Video)

from Binghamton's CBS affliliate: WBNG
Here is the video report.
And here is the article
A Binghamton congregation could lose its church.

The Church of the Good Shepherd says it will stick with its bible over the diocese when it comes to homosexuality.

Action News reporter Erik Burling tells us, it's a debate dividing Episcopalians.

This house of worship has belonged to the Church of the Good Shepherd since 1879.

But the current congregation could be forced to hand it over to the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York.

"We would lose everything. We would lose the building, the furniture, and all of the money we have in the bank," said Matt Kennedy, Pastor of The Good Shepherd.

Pastor Matt Kennedy knew it was possible when the church disaffiliated from the diocese in 2006.

The Good Shepherd was displeased when the diocese took steps to embrace homosexuality.


ABC Affiliate Channel 34 also shot an interview:
Here is the video
And here is the written article
More than 100 people who worship at Church of the Good Shepherd on Conklin Avenue in Binghamton may soon have to find a new place to go on Sundays.
That's because Good Shepherd recently disaffiliated itself from the Episcopal Church when the Diocese decided that same sex relationships were permissible.
"We believe that the Bible teaches that it's not. That God thinks that that kind of behavior is wrong and that it's harmful to people's souls and bodies."
Now, the Diocese is asking Pastor Matt Kennedy to find a new place to worship.

Bishop of the Diocese of Central New York Skip Adams says it was Good Shepherd's decision to leave the Church, and that means leaving the building dedicated to teaching that faith...more

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