Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Shepherd in the News

Dear Good Shepherd,

Tonight (Wednesday) is our second prayer meeting to ask for God's protection, provision, and guidance for Good Shepherd. The meeting will begin at 6:30pm and end at 7:00pm. We'll also be asking God to help us on Saturday...that he will bring many to support and pray with us.

You should know that there are a lot of people already praying. I was interviewed yesterday on the Family Life Network (88.5 FM I think) which is the most popular Christian radio station in the area. The whole three to five minute interview aired around noon yesterday and I hear that they have been playing excerpts since then at various intervals. I was able to explain our situation and invite the community to come pray with us on Saturday.

The whole interview has now been posted on the FLN website as a feature story:

The Central New York Episcopal Church is suing a splinter congregation in Binghamton. The diocese is taking the Church of the Good Shepherd to court on December 12th to recoup all of its property and assets. That includes the church building. FLN's Bob Price spoke with Senior Pastor Matt Kennedy about how the church could be affected for taking a stance against the consecration of homosexual bishops.
Listen here
Download the MP3 Version here

Cookie sent me the following prayer this morning which is making the rounds on the prayer chain at St. Andrew's Vestal.

Father we come to You with our Prayers for The Church of the Good Shepherd. Their situation is very close to home for those, of us, who went through this at our former St. Andrew's. I pray that You would touch the hearts of those who wish to up root yet another congregation. Touch those who are changing the Bible . I ask this in Jesus Name.
Thank You Jesus

Remember, Tonight at 6:30pm for the prayer meeting.

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